Bill Stewart Drum Transcription Course

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This course will allow you to understand, through the transcription of the comping and the solo of “Why don’t I”, the characteristics of Bill Stewart such as the sound of the cymbal, typical phrases, coordination and polyrhythms.
The course contains:

  • the complete transcription of comping and solo of “Why don’t I”
  • 17 downloadable exercises
  • 40 video tutorials with 3 different camera views
  • 22 downloadable loops play along
  • practical advices
  • solo performed normal, medium, slow tempo and downloadable guide track

All this yours forever! What are you waiting for?

  • The course it’s well thought out and the video and audio quality is high. The exercises are really useful!

    Patrick Brunswick

  • Clear and easy to approach. From a comping point of view, it analyzes the language of a great drummer. I find it very inspiring! WELL DONE FABIO!

    Gabriele Peli

  • Well written, Easy to understand. Outstanding results.

    Alain Gendron

  • For a long time I have been waiting for someone to deepen Bill Stewart’s language! Excellent job!

    Rodrigo Ferreira